Medical Home Meeting: June 11, 2014

Our June meeting began with the incomparable Nancy Bazanchuk speaking on CHD’s Disability Resources.  Nancy’s programs serve people from “3-97 years old”.  The primary focus is helping people with physical and visual disabilities to participate in activities.  These activities include wheelchair soccer, sled hockey, adaptive golf and year-round bowling.  There are fees for most of the programs.  Family and friends are welcome to join in the fun.  All of the programs are out in the community and accessible by PVTA bus.  The programs teach physical activity skills as well as how to be a good team #highfive.

Nancy stressed the importance of getting kids active by the time they reach 12 years old.  If they are not in the habit, kids with disabilities can spend their adolescence and early 20’s sitting at home, depressed and bored.   Disability pride is a big part of all programs.

We concluded our meeting with a celebration of our 2013-2014 accomplishments and a look forward to 2014-2015. We will continue to meet on the second Wednesday of the month at Shriners. And, save the date for our Winter party: Dec 2, 2014. Lastly, encourage your networks to read our blog, follow us on Twitter @sncwma and like us on Facebook. We want to share good information with all of our families.

Here’s a wonderful interview with a young Western Mass athlete: