Medical Home Meeting: January 9th 2018

On January 9th we had an open discussion about future topics for presentations. Some of the ideas include:

  • ADHD resources
  • Autism resources and issues
  • Services of Autism Resource Centers
  • Autism diagnosis requirement – barriers to diagnosis for non-verbal children
  • Autism and insurance issues – speaker from Autism Resource Center?
  • What to do if insurance refuses to accept ASD diagnosis
  • Behavioral health resources
  • MCPAP (MA Child Psychiatry Access Program)
  • Pain management – Baystate Pedi Pain Clinic speaker?
  • Respite for CYSNHs
  • PCA services
  • Childcare & vouchers – New England Farm Workers?
  • Transition to Adulthood
  • Transition to adult medical care – health care transition
  • Building health skills for youth/children – part of transition to adulthood
  • Transition to adulthood – guardianship
  • Transition to adulthood – panel of agencies/entities involved: DDS, MRC, DPH, schools
  • Transition resources – e.g. GotTransition2.0 web portal
  • Age 3 Transition
  • from Early Intervention to school
  • other supports available at age 3
  • Age 3 Transition with Autism Spectrum diagnosis
  • Transition Assessments – age and stages, developmental pediatrics, neuropsych compared to developmental pediatrics
  • Masstart services – planning for individual health plans at school for children with complex care
  • Medical education issues (doctors, nurses, other health care professionals):
  • systemic approaches to unmet needs e.g. PCPs and sub-specialists for young adults with complex care
  • home visiting in medical education – Operation House Calls
  • Urgent care centers – roles, services, concerns, care coordination
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy role in care coordination
  • key questions for families and care coordinators
  • Polypharmacy
  • Panel from insurers – changing models, ACOs (accountable care organizations)
  • DDS and related services – DDS-contracted services, Adaptive Design, Family Resource Centers
  • Educational Advocates – free
  • Housing – range of services – speaker from WayFinders (formerly HAP Housing)?
  • Child safety – home safety, car and car-seat safety
  • MA Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund

If you have any other ideas please reach out to any member of the meeting committee.

We also had a presentation about lead poisoning prevention by Sharon Gifford BS, RN and Jennifer Chacon, Community Health worker from the DPH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and Square One. As of December 1st there have been major changes to the regulations regarding Lead exposure for children living in Massachusetts. The new regulation requires inspection of living location for children with lead levels about 10, and monitoring for levels 5-9. In Massachusetts children must be tested for lead at age 1, 2 and 3 years, high risk cities, age 4yrs also. Many resources and additional information is available at

Next meeting: February 13, 2018 at 9:15am at Shriners Hospital in Springfield, MA.