Medical Home Meeting: September 9, 2015

We launched our 2015-2016 season with updates on the 4-C Program from Matt Sadof, MD. The 4-C (aka “cuatro c”) Program serves families with special needs children.  Please check out this Boston Globe article for a brief introduction to the program.

Under the plan, [Dr. John S.] Maypole [of Boston Medical Center] and Dr. Matthew D. Sadof of Baystate will serve as consultants to community pediatricians on how to care for children with complex issues. The children will stay with their current pediatricians, but will come to BMC or Baystate to be assessed and to develop a care plan. The alliance will also provide the back-up services of nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and navigators.

The foremost goal is to provide families with companionship on a difficult journey. Dr. Sadof credits the Medical Home Work Group meetings as the generator of this goal. This group began in 2003, and continues to gather together healthcare providers, community agencies and families to share information on options for children with special healthcare needs. Every month, we learn from each other as we discuss the complexities resulting from trying to meet the many needs of children and families.

The 4-C program is interested in all aspects of a child’s life.  Where does the child live?  Are there any concerns about safety or accessibility of the home?  Concerns about food and nutrition?  With whom does the child live?  Do the caregivers get respite care (big problem in Western MA)?  Who does the child see for medical care?  Where is the child attending school?  How does the child travel? Modified vehicles, public transportation?  Is the transportation reliable?  What does the child need EVERY DAY?

Our group launched into discussions about lack of respite care, problems with transportation, and the cycle of claims-denials-appeals that families experience when applying for assistance.  Dr.Sadof asked for input about the 4-C care plan. This is an ongoing conversation,and we encourage you to contribute!

Our next meeting is Wed, Oct 14th.  We will be planning our Winter Wonderland event, scheduled for Tue, Dec 1 at Shriners.  No one wants to think about winter yet, so here’s to staying in the moment!  Let’s support opportunity.  Check out this public service announcement from the Campaign for Disability Employment.

“Who I Am” (60 seconds, audio introduced) from CDE: What Can You Do? on Vimeo.