Medical Home Meeting: September 12, 2017

Welcome back everyone! It was so great to see all who were able to join us on 9/12/2017 for the first Medical Home Meeting of the season.  As always, it’s a pleasure to sit around the table with people who hold such a great amount of knowledge.

Shelly and Michelle from Behavioral Health Network- Project FIT (Families in Transition) joined us to present on their newly funded program. Project FIT is grant funded by the Health Policy Commission of Massachusetts.  The goals of this program are to increase engagement with primary care treatment, reduce hospitalizations, improve housing, and increase school attendance for children in the home.  The program staffs Clinical Care Managers (master level clinicians) and Community Health Workers (CHW).  The process begins with the family meeting with their team to assess the family’s strengths and area of needs.  Then the team will guide the family in reaching goals with the hope that the family will become autonomous.  The grant is funded until December 31, 2018 and will serve about 145 families.

Some key aspects when referring the patient:

  • Eligibility: families with children in the home, unstable housing, and at least one member in the home having an un-met behavioral health needs. (These terms are loosely denied and they encourage phone calls and referrals to be made even if you are questioning eligibility)
  • Spanish and English speaking staff members and access to translation services
  • Currently serving Hampden County area
  • They are currently working with three housing agencies whose referrals do get first priority
  • Referrals can be made by calling (413)304-2904 or using this referral sheet.

For further information please refer to this quick information sheet provided by Project FIT.

At the conclusion of the meeting Eric Volz-Benoit had expressed that the MA Pediatric Home Nursing Care Campaign is looking for families and health care workers to testify in support of the Patient Bill of Rights, An Act Requiring Protection for the Continuous Skilled Care of Medically Fragile Children in the Commonwealth (H.1959) at the State House.  Anyone who is interested in participating should contact Eric Volz-Benoit (Western MA Representative) at, or Angela Ortiz (Campaign Director) at  For more information you can check out their Facebook page.

We concluded the meeting with people contributing ideas for future speakers.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s ongoing excitement about the group and hope you continue to spread the word to other professionals and families. We hope to see new and old faces at our next meeting on October 10, 2017, 9:15am at Shriner’s Hospital.




Medical Home Meeting: June 13, 2017

June 13, 2017 was our final Medical Home meeting before summer break.  Elaine Gabovitch joined us at the meeting and introduced herself as the new Director of the Department of Public Health.

During this meeting we heard from Jill Chaban and Meredith Ferra from Epic Health.  Jill and Meredith explained that Epic Health care is merging with PSA and now will be called Eveanna.  They shared a wonderful slide show of services through Eveanna.  Although some of the services did not apply to this area, it was great to see what  services could possibly come in the future.

Lois Brown from Stavros, Home Sweet Home Program shared some amazing resources with the group.  She explained that her program is able to help families with obtaining ramps for their homes or apartments.  Lois is very knowledgeable in regards to this process and has been extremely helpful with many families.  Lois can be contacted at (413)256-0473.  Here is the FundingPacket she shared with the group and wanted us to pass it along.

Thank you everyone for their attendance this year and participating in this group.  We would also like to thank all the speakers this year for sharing their knowledge on many different topics.  We hope you all enjoy your summer and look forward to seeing you at the next meeting; September 12, 2017 at 9:15am, at Shriners.

Medical Home Meeting: May 9, 2017

Hello all!  We’ve been a little MIA so here is a recap of the last few months.  On March 14, 2017 we canceled the meeting due to the ever unpredictable New England Weather.  On April 11, 2017 we were very excited to have Maggie Wurm join us and educate us on Assistive Technology.  It was amazing to be exposed to a range of low and high tech devices.  She spoke about “buy in” from both the child and the adult.  She shared about her family’s long journey to finding devices that work.  Another thank you to Maggie for an excellent presentation! Maggie is hosting an AAC Parent-Caregiver Group, click the blue link for more information.

On May 9, 2017 we gave a warm goodbye to Kathleen Agin at Evercourse who is retiring.  We wish her the best of luck on this new chapter in her life.  During the same meeting we were pleased to have Debra Taylor, Director of the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund present at the Medical Home Meeting.  The purpose of the fund is to “provide financial assistance for MA families who have large expenses due to a child’s illness or disability which are not covered by insurance…”.  Debra was understanding that the application process for the relief fund can be daunting for families, especially due to all the paperwork required.  She expressed that there isn’t much leeway in the process as the relief fund was put into place due to a legislation.  Debra encouraged anyone who is going through the application process to call (1-800-882-1435) with any questions because there are so many different situations it is difficult to explain them all.  She also directed us to utilize the website, Catastrophic Illness Website.  The following is the presentation she shared during the meeting: CICRF Presentation.

Thank you all for your wonderful support thus far this year!  As always, it is a great pleasure to come together during these meetings.  Enjoy the spring weather!